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Best check cashing service in whole bay area

Money Market Financial Inc is the best check cashing service in the whole bay area. It's located in downtown Santa Cruz on Pacific ave. Santa Cruz itself is a beautiful city on the northern edge of the Monterey Bay, about 72 mi (115 km) south of San Francisco and largest city of Santa Cruz County, California in the United States of America.

A typical check cashing service charges fees more than a bank from 5% up to 10%. Money Market Financial Inc started on 1% and now they're settled on charging only 2.25% for most checks brought in. This enticing interest rate on check cashing is what most believe for the influx of customers all the time. Employees are very trained and tries hard to give quick service. Needless to say, they are very customer oriented and wholeheartedly helps customers with any questions.

After validating checks with proper identification as per California Check Cashing law, Money Market Financial Inc makes things quite easy in friendly manner. As opposed to myth, most individuals tired of their bank's unreasonable hidden fees and charges, they prefer to hop into check cashing services like Money Market Financial Inc. Those individuals often prefer to pay small fee to cash their checks quick. There are independent students who are not yet eligible to get bank accounts target Money Market Financial Inc as their favorite check cashing destination than any other businesses because of the quality and quick services. New legal immigrants whose papers are in process and have no way to go and open a bank account equally get served. And there are other group of individual who filed bankruptcy due to loss and can't turn thereafter checks in the bank because of no credit say check cashing services like Money Market Financial Inc a life saver. Unlike other check cashing business in the nearby town,every new customer in Money Market Financial Inc is a guaranteed repeat customer.

Money Market Financial Inc
as any other check cashing business also offers pay day loan or cash advances. Cash advances work by lending money out on a short term basis. It operates under California Deferred Deposit Transaction Law. Any naive or first time customer are intimidated at first. But the fees charged are as per the law. Some components are constantly lashing out against the already passed deferred deposit law. They are spreading propaganda to dilute consumer's mind as:

  • Payday loans become a trap and are not used on a one-time basis as originally claimed by the industry.In Money Market Financial Inc., it is found that once approved a customer gets his/her loan, they pay it back in time. After few months they come in to get loan again because they are short of money for some reason. It's totally not true that customer's are trapped whatsoever in paying chained debts. They've a choice.
  • Payday loan rates are way too high, especially given their low risk.Comparing the hidden charges and other service fees that bank would charge their customers and what it adds up in just the matter of few months, the rate set according to the law on payday loan seems justifiable.
  • Payday lenders are virtually unregulated in California.This is not true in case of Money Market Financial Inc. It is found that all payday loan activities in Money Market Financial Inc is regularly examined by the inspector appointed by CA government.
  • Consumers are easily deceived by payday loans.It is found that Money Market Financial Inc describes all the terms and conditions upfront before enrolling Customers in their Payday loan plan(which includes the payment including the fee for any bounced checks). It's after the Customer's consent, they initiate the loan process. We're told if bank hadn't charged for the bounced check, they would've never charged their customers the extra fee.
 In a summary, Money Market Financial Inc is also the authorized bill payment center for almost 99.99 percent of consumer's bill. Be it your telephone bill or water bill or TV bill, it's all there. They also offer
Western Union Wire Transfer. You can buy money orders, send/receive faxes, make copies, buy postage stamps, buy NETSPEND Visa cards, Prepaid Cellular, Long Distance phone cards, etc. Apart from that, one can also buy real nice dirt-cheap high quality silver jewelleries off the store. It is also discovered that few local vendors buying in bulk from them and re-selling through other means.

They also have UNA-UNICEF store moved in. UNICEF Store shares the lobby with the Money Market Financial Inc. Many times, people say Money Market Financial Inc is their One Stop shop. If you've anything to do with money, Money Market Financial Inc is your place. It is equipped with high resolution security cameras constantly recording every movement taking place inside the premises. Many criminals have been busted in the past because of surveillance cameras. You'll feel safe with your money in Money market Financial Inc.


- It is opened even on weekends. On Weekdays, it's open till 8 pm. People drop their jaws when they are told, 8 PM open time. They've got flexible opening time.

- Unlike others, cashing a check is instantaneous in Money Market Financial Inc. Banks could hold check for a week. Walmart can't go over $1500.

- Customer service in Money Market Financial Inc is outstanding. It's privately held company. They deal personally.

- Foreign Currency exchange. They beat easily the airport,bank or any other rates. Expect to find even the rarest currency

- Recently, they started new service, Cash for Gold. Bring any gold items and they'll pay you happy.
This article is not published under any financial influence or  for making comparison with any big corp in any way. There are times when we forget to use our common sense.


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