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Will Wi-Fi ruin Mount Everest?

When I began my career as a travel journalist in the 1980s, there was lots of talk about "remoteness." This was what many travelers were looking for: places so hard to get to, and so different from the world we knew, that their very existence seemed almost miraculous. Today, the value has shifted. What we look for now is connectedness: the opportunity to check our e-mail, upload video clips and chat on Skype -- even if we happen to be on the Khumbu Icefall, 18,000 feet high in the Nepal Himalaya. Last week, a network of eight 3G base stations began operating along the route to Mount Everest, in Sagarmatha National Park. They were installed by Ncell, a Nepali telecom firm. The news didn't surprise me. But I felt that, irreversibly, another blow had been struck against magic. Access to the Internet is starting to seem like a human right, so let me offer a disclaimer. There is no rational downside to the arrival of broadband on the flanks of Everest. I'

Pin your favorite folder to Windows 7 's taskbar

We all know how to pin our favorite programs to the Windows 7 taskbar. Simply right click them, and select the 'Pin to the Taskbar' option. We don't have similar option for folders.  Here's how we do that. Right-click any folder of your choice, drag it to the empty space of Windows 7 Task bar and drop it as soon as you see 'Pin to Windows Explorer' flashing. You read it right, it'll pin the folder to Windows Explorer's jumplist. Not simply to the taskbar. Hope that helps.

Email takes on Postal Mail Services

Proliferation of electronic communication has affected many traditional ways of doing things. Last year, major newspaper declared big losses. Hence, came e-subscription. It's yet to see, if it's going to help them sustain. There seems no chance for postal mail services. Evidently, the Postal Service are blaming the deeper losses on the recession and on the continuing growth of e-mail. img src Right now, U.S. Postal Service(pretty much postal services all around the globe) is on huge loss. Despite last year's huge trimming of it's workforce, the Postal Service said its net loss totaled $8.5 billion in the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30. That compares to a loss of $3.8 billion the prior year. Many corporates are holding a notion of Going Green which means no more paper. Mentally, growing number of population are considering more paper use as cut trees(definitely not good for planet). Bank of America just launched compulsive online banking or pay more fees if clien

Calibre - Simple yet astonishingly powerful ebook manager

Calibre is a free open source ebook management software. It catalogs ebooks residing in your hard drive or the one downloaded from internet. Once ebooks are in Calibre, you can efficiently manage your ebooks like giving it proper tags, fetching publishers info and all other stuffs. All these tasks are automated if you are connected to the internet, it does everything for you. img src: It has built-in reader. So, once you've your ebooks in the calibre, you can read it on your computer. But, if you have external ebook readers like kindle and nook, it's another excellent tool to must have. It easily syncs to all ebook reader devices available today in the market. Even more, it does the conversion of ebook in proper format so that it can be transferred, properly displayed and read on those devices. See the Video demo, what it can do. Download it here

Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910 with 1080p

The Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910 is HD in every way. Record at Full HD 1080p or make a video call in HD 720p on most major IMs and Logitech Vid HD. For more info, click the link below: HD Pro Webcam C910 Noteworthy Features •  Full HD 1080p video recording •  Fluid HD 720p video calls in 16:9 widescreen •  Precision Carl Zeiss optics and autofocus for razor-sharp video and brilliant 10MP photos •  Noise-cancelling dual mics for HD-quality stereo audio—a first for HD webcams •  Convenient cable management system reduces clutter •  1-click video upload to Facebook and YouTube •  Easy HD calling on included Logitech Vid HD and most major IM services

Action Fraud fights against fraud and Online scams

People are falling for various forms of scams and frauds over the Internet and email. Googling is the best bet for investigation of any suspicious offers often so good to believe. But these fraudsters are so good everytime they roll out their new scam tactics with new innovative ideas. src:AP Mostly elderly citizens and females of any age are getting victimized to these frauds and scams according to the survey. The reason I'm writing this post is to guide you how not to fall for these so convincing lies and scams. Hopefully, you'll spread the words or share it in social networks or in any forms. Okay, here is the common scenario: One day you wake up, you get an email and you are told that you become a partner of some going-to-be-soon-rich-guy for huge stash of inheritible money to be transferred to the USA. If and in doing so, you would be rewarded with some percent and that percent when you calculate turn out to be millions of dollars. This story is just one examp