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Action Fraud fights against fraud and Online scams

People are falling for various forms of scams and frauds over the Internet and email. Googling is the best bet for investigation of any suspicious offers often so good to believe. But these fraudsters are so good everytime they roll out their new scam tactics with new innovative ideas.


Mostly elderly citizens and females of any age are getting victimized to these frauds and scams according to the survey.

The reason I'm writing this post is to guide you how not to fall for these so convincing lies and scams. Hopefully, you'll spread the words or share it in social networks or in any forms.

Okay, here is the common scenario: One day you wake up, you get an email and you are told that you become a partner of some going-to-be-soon-rich-guy for huge stash of inheritible money to be transferred to the USA. If and in doing so, you would be rewarded with some percent and that percent when you calculate turn out to be millions of dollars. This story is just one example of thousand cases.

Even the smarty-asses are falling for it well..knowingly unknowingly. (In ancient stories, I've read that Greed is such an evil that even an intellect is useless against it.) They get fake checks or money orders, they religiously deposit it in their banks. Now, when you get checks in thousand dollars, who wouldn't be happy. They call you, they direct you what to do and stuff. You think you are in right track. Without a second thought, you take money off your savings and like an obedient slave you send that money overseas. After a week or so, your bank warns you for depositing fake checks/moneyorders.

It's been quite a while now that I've known this saying "Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice, shame on me!!"

well..story continues. If you stop after your bank warns you about your misdeed and cooperate with them, pay the compensation fees or anything like that, consider yourself lucky. But if you don't stop and keep continuing your nonsense trying banks after banks following that unreal greed of yours, you'll soon find yourself behind the bars for bank fraud, money laundering and possession of counterfeit checks.

In above paragraph, I mentioned elderly citizens and females are the most victims. So, it's your duty to warn them of possible frauds or have someone tell them. Instinctively, you are inferiour to them and no matter how educated you are, you are always easily ignored.

There are many government and non-government agencies educating people about all kinds of these frauds and scams. I came across a site ACTION FRAUD. They are funded by government and  is solely established to render these scammers and fraudsters every tactics useless. Show them (possible victims) the way to this site. It has thousands of cases reported online.

Also, if you are a silent victim, it's time to open up and report what kind of experiences you had. This will save others money and life too. is the site which has listed all frauds in categories as ~

Individual fraud:

Individual fraud could be any fraud that targets a person directly.

Corporate fraud:
Fraud impacting businesses can be both general frauds that target any business, to sector specific frauds.
Online fraud:
Fraudsters rely on the internet/email to commit their crimes.
Advance fee fraud:
Advance fee fraud is when fraudsters target victims to make advance payments for goods, services and/or financial gains that do not materialise.

Thank you for reading my post.


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