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Cold Reset or Hard Reset Steps for all HP Printers

Restoring an HP Jetdirect print server to factory defaults (known as a cold reset) will erase all previous configurations and may require network administrative knowledge, permissions, and access to reconfigure it. A cold reset also allows the HP Jetdirect to broadcast DHCP and BootP packets, which will allow it to be configured by a DHCP or BootP server. HP Color LaserJet 3700 series Turn the printer on and allow the printer to start the power-on sequence, then press and hold the green checkmark key until all three lights on the control panel are lit. When Select Language appears on the display, press the Down Arrow key until Cold Reset appears on the display. Press SELECT and the printer will perform a cold reset and continue its power-on sequence. HP Color LaserJet 2500 series Hold down the green GO button while turning on the printer. Continue to hold the GO button until only the bottom three LEDs are on. Continue to hold the GO button for approximately five seconds after

Google punishing websites for unethical search tactics

Google penalizes Overstock, online merchandise retailer giant for 'unethical' search optimizations. When websites don't abide by the rules set by Google, they are considered against Google's terms. Overstock, artificially boosted it's search engine results urging college students and other groups to link back to it's pages so that they could receive discount on Overstock's shopping site. And today Google has updated it's algorithm to punish content farming sites. These sites publish useless informations in order to get higher search ranking. Sites like eHow whose contents are not usually that helpful are one example. Google is focusing on 'genuine search phrases' should pull genuine links with genuine content. So, days of intentional link exchanges, Blackhat SEO or any other 'unethical' (against the Google's term) ways to boost one's search engine rankings seem numbered. src:   src:

Amazon to rival Netflix and other Movie streaming services

Amazon's Kindle killed paperback/hardcover books and now millions of readers hold of these devices. Consequences?? Borders,Gateways and major bookshops filing bankruptcy. Netflix killed movie rental business like Blockbuster. I already have Netflix account and it's awesome. I'm also Amazon's prime member meaning I order things on Amazon without having to worry to make bulk purchase simply to get free shipping. I can order an item and still can get Free 2 day shipping. This is what this Amazon's Prime is all about. I pay yearly $79 and today, they announced that I'll be honored with unlimited streaming of 5000 movies and TV shows at my disposal. Should I ditch Netflix? No, I won't. They still carry the DVD delivery at mailbox. Amazon doesn't have that yet but I know they're just experimenting at the moment. I checked some movies on Amazon and the quality is pretty decent. The fact is latest movies are not free even for Prime members. Ne