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Dr. Sanduk Ruit for CNN HEROES 2011

There is an annual television show CNN HEROES created by CNN to honor individuals who make extraordinary contributions to help others. Dr. Sanduk Ruit, a Nepalese eye surgeon has been nominated for CNN Heroes 2011. He is the man who devised the cheapest eye cataract surgery making it extremely affordable even for low income  It's his humanitarian instinct, he sets up camp in remote villages and service unselfishly.  We're living in a world with war and corruptions sometimes we feel there is no hope and humanity, but it makes us sigh with relief that there are people like Dr. Sanduk Ruit whose unprecedented effort and altruistic behavior to help others in societies help us think there are still some humanity left on us. CNN's annual show to recognize social workers and awarding them is indeed applaudable. Here is our chance to honor this guy one more time. Lets vote for him, not just because I'm a Nepalese or him, but for his globally contributed philanthropic serv

Android No. 1

I used to say things about 'Android' as being an 'unsung hero'. Not anymore. Since this morning, News Medias are yapping out Android is now the most-used smartphone operating system in the United States. Smartphone?? They missed something else too. Android is becoming a computing platform too in the form of tablet PCs. Latest manifestation of ever-growing Android in the form of tablets are Archos, Motorola Xoom, Galaxy tab etc. It's not just limited to smartphone, it has gone way beyond that. Tablets or extremely portable wifi devices are the future of modern age communication and it seems every company is embracing their choice of mobile platform as "Android". Look at iPhone OS, it's limited inside one body and it's secretive, closed platform and damn expensive. And, compare Android OS, it's at it's free will. It's everywhere, inside every device and being open-source based, it's making solid communication devices dirt cheap. S

Officially iPad will be killed by iPad 2 on March 2nd, 2011

Android Honeycombs are already on the market.Motorola's Xoom tablets based on android honeycombs are being appreciated for it's features and specs. Apple will unveil iPad 2 tomorrow, March 2, 2011 as speculated. What happens next when Apple launches iPad 2? Current iPad owners would have or already had ' Oh shit, I should've waited .. ' moments. Officially kills the iPad version 1(I've to reiterate) and the price would plummet unbelievably. There will be more competition, be ready for price war One thing will remain same, iPad 2 won't have FLASH support no matter in which self it manifest itself. Not so long ago, Apple chief has already declared that there is no future for Flash. So, don't expect to see FLASH. As thought, it will definitely be thinner and slimmer than the old version. That could mean, iPad 2 will be more focused towards cloud computing. That means, more restrictions to end users. New iPad 2 owners will find that they've no cont