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Wirelessly charge your electronic devices with Solar-Powered Charging table

Solar powered wireless charging seems formidable option as opposed to traditional way of wired charging. But the thing remains same. Still same hassles of looking around for charge station and stuff. We're still not heading towards the directions we are dreaming. I always hoped that we have major breakthroughs in our everyday things, the way we do and we live. There is this big corporate greed that comes between you as a consumer and the reliable free energy. There have been several technologies showcased since few years in several tech expos like CES. They are still not being materialized and struggling to enter the competitive market. There are various setbacks if one is to embrace this new technology. First the transitional cost to new technology, hassles of extra panel or mat(if it gets ubiquitous one day, that's the different story) , accompanying compatible batteries and new threat which poses direct/indirect risk to human health in the form of electromagnetic ra