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How to Run Android in your TV

The open source nature of Android is one of the many reasons why it is so popular now. Android has seen an explosive growth of devices and users. Many manufacturers from big names like Samsung to a small manufacturer from China produce devices with Android pre-installed. The devices are not just limited to phones and tablet. These days, Android also powers gaming consoles and televisions. One of the interesting use of Android is to power dongles which allow us to run Android on our TV screens. Most of the TV screens these days, whether they are LED, LCD or Plasma, have an HDMI port which can be used to transfer high definition audio and video. The Android Dongles also known as Android PC sticks make use of such HDMI ports to run this operating system on the big screen. It is pretty interesting even to imagine a 40 inch screen running a mobile operating system capable of running apps and games. Playing games like Angry Birds and using Facebook on the big TV screens is taking i


According to Wikipedia, "Human multitasking is the best performance by an individual of appearing to handle more than one task at the same time." We can see it in perfect action in the picture above.

How to push start a..uh...plane?

I had heard that if your car does not start due to transmission failures you could push start it. Never knew the same thing would work for a plane as well.

Nepal's Own: The Nepali Helicopter

If you are a tourist visiting Nepal be sure to take a ride on the Nepali helicopter.

Top 10 Nepali Android Applications

Android, the number one mobile operating system is not an unknown name to many. Installed and available in a wide variety of brands of handheld devices, Android is a quite popular operating system in Nepal. This has encouraged developers to create Android application targeted specially towards Nepali users. The Google Play Store holds many of those apps and a lot of them have found their way into many Android devices. In this post, we try to list the top 10 Nepali Android applications found in the Play Store. Nepali applications were searched in the Play Store and the apps were sorted by popularity at the time of this writing to obtain this list. The top 10 Nepali Android application are : 1. Nepal Load Shedding Schedule Installs in the last 30 Days: 100,000 - 500,000 With over 100,000 installs in the last 30 days and even more frustrating loadshedding grievance across the nation, this app tops our list. Nepal Load Shedding Schedule, as the name suggests is an application