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About 'MeroGuff' blog

Feb 6, 2007 0 comments

Mero Guff is personal blog which is mostly related to information technology,gossips,fun and humour,computer tips and tutorials,introduction on particular subject, reviews, comments on recent events,gadget disclosure and more.

To people other than my mother language talker, Mero denotes 'My' and Guff purely means 'Gossip'. It translates in english as 'My Gossip' that is 'Mero Guff' in Nepalese. Well, Nepal is a very small landlocked country between India and China and it's much popular for it's divine himalayan views and sceneries,diverse cultures,people of various indigeneous inhabiting the country,low per capita income,
majority of population living under poverty line, and so.

Mero Guff will be focused on latest trends and happening in the field of Information Technology along with other topics as well. So, i'll put latest news and views particularly based on those topics. Moreover,it's just a blog, not a news leaker site or sorta.

The color of this blog may change over time, which i'll keep updating. The reason for doing this description is i expect as many readers as i could so that we could build a team with similar interests and do a team blogging. For the time being, it's just me and couple of my friends blogging. I really appreciate if similar people will share their words with mine. Anyone interested are warmly welcomed to blog together under the one single name, Mero Guff, My Gossip.


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