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Feb 6, 2007 0 comments
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Hey there, nice to see you around. And, thanks for taking some of your time to read these words. I'm Navin(pronounced NAH-VEEN). Currently working as Freelance Web/Graphic Designer, PC Technician and Consultant. Also working as a regular employee for one financial firm in Santa Cruz,CA.

Mero Guff is personal blog which is mostly about information technology, gossips, fun and humor, computer tips and tutorials, product reviews, latest news, gadgets and more everything.

In my language 'Mero' translates into 'My(in English)' and 'Guff' into 'Gossip'. Therefore, it is 'My Gossip' in English. That's how I named my blog. I was born in Nepal which is a very small landlocked country between India and China and it's popular for it's divine Himalayan views and sceneries,diverse cultures,and so.

This blog was started as hobby on Feb,2007.

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