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Feb 11, 2007 2 comments
I used to think my english is damn bad. But after listening,
this mista talking, i changed my perception. His english
talking got whole meaning wrong to another listener.
Why not you too listen this piece?
Download here,it's also an audio mp3 file.

More inside!!!

I'm sure you guys have grown watching Donald Duck cartoons.
I too have enjoyed their shows. Now, do you want to see,
i mean hear Donald Duck in action?? not of much.. but i'm
sure it'd be fun.
Download here, then unzip, it's a sound file.

I was ,at first, got puzzled,but that's not the case now.
What you've to do is, think of one card out of shuffled cards
and amazing, that card is gone. Can you find the trick??
Download here, it's a little win32 executable program.

Have Fun!!!


Prerana said…
hehe, i had this on one of my birthday cards one time.
soooo funny!
Navin said…
ha ha ha haokie.. then you had that fun already..

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