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How to Get Emails from Gmail account in outlook express

Feb 23, 2007 0 comments
To get mails into your outlook express(or any other client), two steps are needed.
1. Enable POP access in Gmail Account
2. Change Settings in Outlook express

1. Enable POP access in Gmail Account

*Login to your Gmail Account
*Choose Setting from the top Gmail Navigation Bar. -->Select "Forwarding and POP" tab
*Select POP for all mail
*Save changes

2. Change Settings in Outlook express(or with any other email client)

*Select Tools-->Accounts-->Add-->Mail
*Type your name and click Next
*Enter your Gmail Address and click Next
*Make sure that POP3 is selected under 'My incoming mail server is .... "
*Type "" under Incoming mail(POP3,IMAP or HTTP) server
*Type "" under Outgoing mail(SMPT) server and click Next.
*Type your full Gmail address under account name and Gmail password under password and click Next
*Click Finish
*One more thing, highlight the newly created gmail account and click 'properties'
*Go to the servers tab and Make sure 'my server requires authentication is checked' under Outgoing mail server.
*Go to Advanced tab and make sure 'This server requires a secure connection(SSL)' is checked under both Outgoing
mail(SMTP) and Incoming mail (POP3)
*Type "465" under Outgoing server (SMTP) and "995" under Incoming server(POP3)
*Click OK and close.

If you fail to complete any of these two steps shown above, your emails won't get downloaded to your computer.

Rest is to set rules in outlook express which is pretty easy. So that Gmail emails would go to it's desired folder, say " Gmail folder" or whichever folder you create.


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