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Katti Khep Vannu Talai

Feb 11, 2007 2 comments
Is Real Nepali Hip Hop/RAP culture starting or what? we see censored words/phrase frequently being used on western hiphop music colony. This song is particularly very very very offensive and it's not for anyone below 21. The content is so strong that listeners might feel abused. It's upon you.

You may Download or not the following Rap song called "Katti Khep Vannu Talai" by Infamous Dirty Aroz. Does it Sux or Rox?

Download song here

Parental Advisory.The song you are going to download is intended for mature audience only. Explicit Lyrical content. This song contains explicit lyrics which may not be suitable for audiences below 21. Please download and listen the song on your own discretion. The artist does not hold responsibility of any kind.

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Anonymous said…
who sung this SONG this is not a song this is a GAALI which the guys in EVERY CHOWK use after every words . i thanks the singer because these words are spoken more then 1oo times per second in allover nepal by youths every where in schools,cooleges,vehicle,roads,playground,party,temples
SO ANYONE TO CONTROL THIS i think singer is awareing us towards this problem
Navin said…
There was a show in kantipur Tv,it's nepali version of MTV bakra called "hetterika".

There was a known singer talked some trash like in this song, it wasn't
alarming but with that status, they had to think twice before what they say, anyway, you are right, everywhere, these words are used by youth, that's reality. if we see western culture too, those youth,even mature people use words like "f**K" very often. i know it has different meaning at times than it's real meaning too. but it's kindda widely used wordings or say phrase.

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