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Mero Kathmandu

Feb 11, 2007 2 comments
These are some of the aerial photos of Kathmandu Value. Few of you(including me), who have not got chance to see how it looks like from sky, here is your chance to see it.
This pictures are not mine. I got them from net and it was saved useless on my harddrive. I felt you could see and analyze which road leads where. It was quite fun for me with my friends to analyze that way.

They are inside. Check them out.


Anonymous said…
माथि बाट हेर्दा इट्टाको डुन्गुर त्यो डुन्गुरमा बस्छन् सुन्गुरै सुन्गुर.. के हो ?I think this article has the answer.....
Navin said…
Ametya Ji, I really liked your Nepalese proverb. You are interesting.

tara k garnu, yestai unplanned cha hamro city :)

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