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Mobile phones are status symbols or necessities?

Feb 8, 2007 0 comments
I don’t know but lots of people take mobile phones as status symbols. Because, they are paying huge bucks to own it which normally low-budgeted people can’t afford. So, I’ve seen lots of people showing off their mobile phones as like the greatest possession they ever had. This shows their mischievous behavior. To my dismay, I’ve seen in one cinema hall counter pretending a talk on the mobile phone. And this clearly shows that mobile phones are being treated as status symbols.

Mobile phones are handy in case you are out of reach from nearest communication center. Once I got myself so far that I needed some help and with my phone at my ease, I could get help on time rather than hunting for phone in no-phone zone. So, here I feel my mobile phone as friendly gadget rather than status symbols. But, I’ve message for all those people who take the mobile phone as possession, “ Please don’t let yourself be seen as ignoramus. It just feels like you are pathetic.”

Share your experience with cell phones and their owners, good or bad.


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