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PopStar Britney Spear BALDED

Feb 22, 2007 1 comments
"Look at that jerk, myan.. it's kevin federline..darn him. he is such a jerk. It's so much shame on him to feed on britneys money." i never saw him as a celebrity like Austin Timberlake or other. These are the words for kevin federline when i see him on TV, everytime. Now, ever since, he was found cheating on britney's back, as news source quoted, britney signed on their divorse paper lately.

The rumors are on that eversince that happened , britney's gone out of mind, reckless and mad. Her behaviours in public,party bars were adequate to prove her mental condition. No matter if her proponents won't agree with the fact but amateur photo shots and video reveal pretty much.

Now, she is loosing her career. She is on the verge of her destiny. she earned a lot of thing and now, she is loosing them one by one in a split of time. Her official fan site club is now no more. It's stopped. She is condemned for her deeds. Her fans are turning into rivals. But no matter what, i blame that jerk kevin federline. He deserve to rotten in jail.

That jerk is showing his way up on SmackDown WWE too. It's really pleasing to see when he's beaten up badly but it's lousy script really sucks when he is put on strong spree. When he brags , i feel like smash up my TV monitor. But that's my TV, not of that son of a bitch. Whatever, it's their life. WWE is all about acting and wrestling. Great actors..:)

Now, britney is doomed with this new look.. ooopppppsssss. she shaved her head. it's horrible. She has lost her charm. I don't know what does that mean to her. But i really really feel sorry for her. My mother was great fan of her but ever since, she shaved her hair, she too thinks spears has gone crazy.

At MTV(indian) channel, once i saw (amidst channel surfing)a balded lady taking part in the competition and later withdrawing back from. I mean, is it fashion for a lady to become bald or what? On one movie too, recently i saw few balded women. ahemmm..they'll loose charm if all these women on earth started to become bald. Prena,if you are reading this, don't get bald.. ho ho just kidding. ahem... Now, why women becomes bald,for that i really have to tinker with the great thinkers/writers mind around or read a book on Britney spears in coming days.

someone has ripped the clips from channel off his TV tuner,and to the Youtube,
here is the link


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