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Rape Punishment

Feb 14, 2007 2 comments
So many of us have heard of extremist society's rule governing
their citizens. We know stealers/thiefs have to trade off in jury
by letting their hands cut off. It's like brick for brick, an eye
for an eye.
Now, this video is something graphic and mind disturbing.
Here , a rapist is shown mercilessly beaten and later his
genital is cut in front of victim and other general public.
This kind of punishment in muslim society is not rare.

If you are weak heart or underage, i warn you not to watch
this video.

It's inside!!!

Download Video here(1 MB)


Anonymous said…
It's better when the woman does it herself (or in private with friends/assistants). But leave the government out of it.
Navin said…
umm.. there are women rapist too?? but doo they dare in such extremist society??may be , may be not. but it's always men, being victimized in most cases. but rapist are to punished no matter what but this cutting his genitals.. i think it's way too much.

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