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Television Shows!!!

Feb 15, 2007 0 comments
Television is the great source of information,knowledge,entertainment,music,politics and movies. There are so many channels in different regional languages. To talk about my hood, the history of Television channel is not very old. It's just mere 14-15 years old. We used to have one channel and starting with that one channel, we now have abundance of around 100 channels these days. It takes so much time for me to concentrate on single channel. So, i keep changing channels on and on.
I love something related to special effects which are used in movies,music videos songs etc. I also watch programs based on technology,computer games, etc. Almost all channels are satellite based which we get through the receiver antenna of local
cable operator. Those cable operators, i don't know much, have authentic as well as pirated channels being shown.

Of all the channels, it's really irony not to see a single channel showing properly on tech issues. May be i haven't noticed any such programs but being Nepalese, i always loved to see one.

But it's unfortunate, that we've no single television program is based on it. There are almost 5 Nepalese channels. Their programs are based on every theme and topic. But they missed out on technology. They could have included some programs based on information technology. It would create awareness to masses about the technology. But to me, i think it's the lack of sponsorship that existence of such educational programs is proved to be hard.

I used to watch one such program in NTV metro but that program dissappeared without much sponsors or you can say ad. People don't trust on technology, they trust Comedy shows rather and they collect more Ads than others. Due to this negligence towards the technology, there is no single TV program based on this particular theme.

This is really something to think upon.. really!!!


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