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AMD's New Chipset

Feb 28, 2007 0 comments
It's very rare to see AMD processors in business herein Nepal despite of it's performance. Ignorant customers are flocking towards the branded Intel or Celeron brand only. To my own survey, some even don't know what AMD really is. I think AMD must open it's franchisee in Kathmandu to promote it's low cost competitor to big fish Intel. I agree there are some selected users using AMD based configuration or may be some dealers but that's not just enough. Intel is good and efficient but then if we see the benchmark reports by reputed companies or testers, AMD has pretty much earned it's due acclaim around the world.

AMD, announced today(wednesday feb 28th 2007) that ATI Radeon X1250 graphics processor is integrated with it's new processor chip 690. Now, every motherboard based on this AMD's 690 chipset won't require any graphics card at all.

Ever since AMD acquired ATI technologies last year, there have been lots of efforts to surpass the company's graphics expertise. Now, lets see what this new chipset is upto.
As informed, 690 chipset is compatible with AMD's desktop processor lineup. Also, it supports high-end features as Integrate DVI(digital visual interface) and HDMI(high-definition multimedia interface) for high-definition video,hardware decoding for MPEG2,video compression technology used with DVDs etc.

AMD said that motherboard companies(including Asustek computer and ECS) are using this new chip on their board.


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