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Antique Nepalese Currency Note

Mar 13, 2007 1 comments
Reminiscences of old Nepalese paper notes. These notes did belong to our dad and grandpa's time. Have a look !!!

Five Rupees Note(back)

Five Rupees Note(front)

1 Mohru Note(back)

1 Mohru Note(front)

5 Mohru Note(back)

5 Mohru Note(front)

10 Mohru Note(back)

10 Mohru Note(front)

5 Mohru Note(front)

10 Mohru Note(front)

One Rupee Note(back)

Five Rupees Note(back)

Ten Rupees Note(Back)

One Hundred Rupees Note

One Rupee Note(back)

One Rupee Note(front)


ashu said…
watched your page n i think its very nice keep it up dear...


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