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AreYouMadeForEachOther v1.0

Mar 20, 2007 3 comments
AreYouMadeForEachOther v1.0 is a program which will check if the partners(husband/wife,couple,gf/bf) would go for long run relation or not? The compatibility check of this program will depend upon the user's answers. It'll just take few minutes for this program to predict the output.
You can download this nifty program here. (standalone 62 KB zip file)

A bug was found in the previous file. The updated version is here.

This program needs VB6 runtimes in Windows98/ME.Windows XP compatible machines can run it easily.

Feedbacks are most welcomed.

Distribute it to your college/schools/universities.



Navin said…
here is the link for discussion on the usage of this program


here too:
Navin said…
Ashish bro, thanks for letting me know the bug in program.
Anonymous said…
No Probs bro, Keep it up!!

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