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CONDOM - A browser??????????

Mar 31, 2007 4 comments

I was surfing net but stumbled upon some strange name "Browser-Condom". At first, i thought it's a prank but it wasn't. Those developers have named their new internet browser as "Browser Condom". 'Browser Condom' is currently in Alpha phase that means it's in early development phase.

So, 'vappware' a software developing company who is maker of upcoming full fledged 'browser condom' is currently seeking testers around the world.

The logic behind this CONDOM resembles a lot to real life action. If any bad scripts get executed, it wouldn't go behind the layer of CONDOM(Browser), that means, other files of computer are safe. So, i really don't know how are they going to do this, i mean make their browser wear that layer just like a condom but i'm sure, this is gonna be a buzzword in a coming days soon or may be not.

The name CONDOM.. ha ha ha ha.. i'm not sure female surfers would use it because, look at their promotional graphics.. it's male condom's picture out there.. Moreover, it's just packed like a real world condom. IE/Outlook/windows all 'c o n d o m e d'. :)

After all, it's just a software with it's own uniqueness.

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Anonymous said…
Ha Ha Ha Condom browser. The browser which protects your computer and then after the protection you throw it away.
Anonymous said…
hehehe browser condoms, thats funny ... huda huda browser le pani condom lagau nu paryo ...
Navin said…
malai pani bijog lagera yeso blog post nai gardeko ni bro haru.. ha ha h aha
Nirab Pudasaini said…
preacution is better than cure :)
well hamro computer lai ni saro virus haru ley attack garchaa tesiley condom banayeko hola browsers lai pani

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