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E-mail Warriors !!! Yahoo going unlimited Storage

Mar 28, 2007 0 comments
During a few past days, while Gmail users are struggling to access and sending their mails, Yahoo was preparing to offer something new to it's users.

Now, it's open air news that reputed IT company like Google is really having a hard time to figure out the real problems,their servers were facing. The problem which caused many users not being able to send/receive mails at all. There have been similar outage cases like this in previous months too which was solved. If someone is experiencing problems like that, then one can check this link for support.

Ahh..Yahoo. Yahoo is a big name in email service providers list. Suprisingly, i don't have a yahoo id. But, whoever is a Yahoo users, there is good news for them. Yahoo is going unlimited starting this May to mark their 10th anniversary. Now, this means, a yahoo users can store whatever he/she likes in her yahoo mail for ever, for lives. It's possible because of the plummeting price of the storage devices.

Right now, i own Gmail and hotmail account. And, the usage for people like me, it's just around 2 or 3 percents of the entire storage. For me, it's still unlimited storage of 2 GB. May be it's Yahoo's game to flock people on their service but i'm not attracted to them yet. It's still too much for me. May be someday, amidst the highway of excellent bandwidth, i may start sharing music/videos on mail, then i may have to sort out things for storage but for the time being, the offer is simpleton and 'no thanks' to their service.

I bet, yahoo users must be happy. Congratulation to them. And,this trend will get followed by others too. I'm hundred percent sure enough to tell this because, world followed GMAIL's 2 GB trend.


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