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Gurbani Judge

Mar 6, 2007 0 comments

I've been a great fan of a reality based Television show called MTV roadies which is aired from indian Version of MTV India every year. If i'm not wrong there have been 4 episodes of MTV roadies. Each year, they carry out 1 episode. Last episode got ended at the end of 2006. Now, the next roadies show must be on it's way. I'm eagerly waiting for it.

At first, people has to go through rigorous tests conducted by 3 judges in interviewing style. They don't look for looks/beauty. They look for cunningness in peoples mind. They judge the winning spirit of people and that's how they select candidates for the show. One more thing, they kick overcondident asses either. Because, that's gonna ruin the spirit of the show.

Now, after they select 13 luckiest roadies, the real fun begins. Friends and foes start to form. It's really exciting to see what gonna be next. The host brings up with more exciting games which each participant has to go through. Lastly, each roadies will get voted out one by one. This voting out is done by their own participating friends. Sometimes, it's ridiculous to see some participant getting voted out with not enough rambling performed.

The last Roadies show. It's won by one Chinese looking indian guy called Anthony but i really wished an indian girl Bani would win. She has that attitude of Roadies but again, Anthony won. When he cried at the last moment, is it some guy or over-emotional girl like dude. It's something i never wished to see during the winning spree. I must admit, he just cried like a little baby or may be weeped like a little
lady. Bani stood out brave.. her speech " bring it on " accepting any challenge.. that's the most exciting part to fall for her.

Some of the unforgetting challenges were like back-riding ricksaw, soaking wet in honey - stick cash on it as much as one can, never seen volleyball like game but have to play with kicks, putting fire on whole body, penalty kickouts, hanging out by throat and still keep balancing with tedious weight on other side, blah blah... one can't keep his/her eye from it.

If anyone happen to be Bani's(Gurbani Judge) fan, here is her profile:


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