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Hail USB !! Hail USB monitor !!!

Mar 19, 2007 0 comments
USB is the dynamic technology. That's my personal experience. Before USB, one has to tinker around with the parallel or serial ports which required innumerous reboots of system to make something work. That was a real headache.

Now, USB is getting more powerful and advanced. So far to my knowledge, i've used USB NIC card,USB modem,USB TV card, USB hard disk and list goes on. Now, USB display monitor!!! That's too much of an advancement. USB is a technology which is plug-and-play and someone noticed it as hot-plug technology. That means, one can install any
device without rebooting his machine. I can insert USB pendrive and start working immediately. These days, bios recognises USB devices at POST and one can easily boot system off the USB drive.

Oh i was talking about USB monitor. No VGA port, no DVI plug but just USB. Till now, it's just prototype of what it is going to be like, how it'll work. It's Samsung's 19-inch SyncMaster 940UX LCD monitor. Samsung claimed one can connect 4-5 monitors like this in single CPU using those USB ports. Time will tell us how it performs, what is it's drawbacks etc. But, it's still mystery where would those graphics processing takes place. In VGA card or DVI connection, there we see immense graphics processing being used through GPU. But, since it's working off the USB port, i wonder where would those processing would take place?? will it use CPU's power?? will it have it's own GPU somewhere inbuilt within it?? answers are still unknown.

This monitor will make it's debut within 2-3 months. Lets see, how it creates vibe in the world of technofreaks(or end users) ;) !!!


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