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"Internet in MeroMobile" a Keyword

Mar 13, 2007 1 comments
This is one of my very casual posting today. I've not planned for it to post though i'm doing it. Okie, it's something about my old blog. I'm getting lots of page hits for that particular topic. It's because of the google keyword "internet in MeroMobile". The keyword is so far i could guess as a total newbie noob,faking myself as one.

I think people are unknowingly trying to get help on internet regarding this GPRS thing on their sets. Now, i've nothing to say but one sentence " help yourself, please at least go to their Headoffice for once"

oh yeas, Spicenepal really needs to make their site look more official and user friendly. Peoples are lost when they visit MeroMobile Official site.

One thing really annoys me, why can't spicenepal buy a domain ( from some cybersquatter? MeroMobile Users tend to surf at first go and what do they see? Some cybersquatter's' message. It'll leave a very bad impression on users. They must act fast.

Anyway, it's upto spicenepal. A good Company must retain all it's logos,trademark as far as possible within the legal account. MeroMobile is definitely a brandname of Spicenepal.



Anonymous said…
talking about keywords type "aunty ka balatkar" in google search and ourktm is in the last of the first page of the results. lol.

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