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it was CAN InfoTech, Now it is 'CAN Softech 2007'

Mar 26, 2007 12 comments
We know and have heard of exhibition like "CAN InfoTech SHOW". The same people have come up with the new idea and program named "CAN SoftTech 2007". CAN Infotech is related to all about the computer hardwares, albeit, some were showing their own softwares too. CAN Infotech has been kind a both Computer Hardware and Software related. Now, i don't see any clue why they come up with this idea "SoftTech". If the software industry in Nepal has started growing and they felt that they need separate platform or idea to uplift this sector, then it's a good idea but if it is purely for getting AD Money, cheap publicity, getting visitors or for getting donations in any way so, then it's a bad idea.
I'm not yet sure if there is any piracy act in Nepal. Without implementing these piracy act, they won't get flourished. It's impossible to dream about software growth in here. Anyways,it's their fresh start conducting something new like this.

In their very words: CAN Soft-Tech is one of the major activities of CAN which brings national and international software developers / products under a single umbrella for business promotion and exhibition. This will be an opportunity for national and international software developers / products and consumers to meet together, share ideas and demonstrate their products. The event provides separate space and time for demonstration of software products. The event focuses on the following objectives... More

Date: 2nd – 5th May 2007
Time: 09:00 am – 6:00 pm
Venue: World Trade Centre,
4th Floor,
Tripureshwor, Kathmandu



Nirab Pudasaini said…
Well i will jus be looking to see if i can get some gud lunix distros for a gud bargain . But i think its gonna be all those institute advertising about computer courses .
Navin said…
tyo ta aba tini haru ko 'chatak' wahi softtech mela mai hernu parcha bro.. :)
Anonymous said…
Unknown said…
i think software field is much creative field and is the most job providing field in the whole and i think nepal has got many quality software programmers if not so the main question is can the can have new ideas like job fare for software engineers or in india then only it can be more useful for the it peoples.unless that it is and will be a total failure for us and sucess for them.
Navin said…
gaurab, exactly, you've got the points.. that's the real issue.. i agree with you...

lets see, how it happens on that particular day..
Navin said…
PRERANA!!!!!!! :->
Nirab Pudasaini said…
Nepal ma software ko bhiwisyaa ....... hard to imagine ........ you work work hard for almost 3-4 months and devlop a software and what does the client pay you 4000 or maybe if you are lucky 5000 ....... people dont see intlectuaal work as work ........ kehi physical kaam garyo bhaney matra kaam kehi creative garyo bhaney chian esto ni kaam hunchaaa bhanchaa .........
Navin said…
i think, that's why country is suffering huge brain-drain..

no genius wants to work in place like this , where there value is ignored or not given enough credit.

i think many years ago, i happened to talk to one programmer of my local, now he's dissappeared(must be somewhere,he's getting his due remuneration).. he was exactly telling mee something like you .. i mean not getting enough dough for coding applications day and night.

i blame government for all this.. those government hypocrites, they just brag.. in fact, they are not cared to bring the policy to uplift our software industry.. if they can't protect the rights of programmer/software developer, who will work here.. even them who work here, i think they are most exploited.

i've heard that a nepali programmers sell a software application for 6000 Rupees, and next day, that software will get into another system for mere 150 Rs only. Piracy prevails but "PEOPLE" at least let Nepali dude eat something. It's okie to do it on Big Corporates of International software companies.. :)
Nirab Pudasaini said…
I wouldnt blame the goverment though . All these years all we have done is complained and pointed fingers to each others . We need to change and the thinking of the people need to change . We must take our blame ourself and not jus curse the goverment . We are the one who should make the goverment not that the goverment making us . Ah i am talking like a polotician , i jus feel frm inside that our situation is never ever gonna change . never eva . Aba ma ni 12 shidyera desh bata bhagni chakkar ma chuu .
Navin said…
speed, dhilo ra chaado matra ho.. sab kura ley polta phercha..
tibet lai nai herum na, 7 years pahila ko tibet ra ahiley tibet?? aakaash pataal pharak cha.. tini haru ko ma underground train ko tunnel suddha rahecha.. i mean bhayecha ahiley, kasto pragati garecha 5 years mai.. yeha ek jana gattillo garney khalko neta chahincha, sab huncha bro.. ahiley ta GP jasto neta ley garda po desh bigreko ta..
aba khassai bhannu parda, nepali developer ko software pirate bho bhaney, police lai gayera bhanum bhaney act chaina, uni haru nai twa huncha.. aba tadha kina jaum,hoina bro, indian ko delhi ma herum ma, babaaa.. IT sufficed Police department haru cha teha, cyber criminals/software piracy, hata pata hudaina, i mean at least complain garney thau cha ra action pani lincha.. hamro case ma complain garni thau suddha chaina.. tesailey, ma ta aba ramro government kurdai chu..
aja bholi batai maobadi neta haru ley IT ministry leko cha, herum k k garchan uni haru ley, i've drafted a letter to them wishing best of luck and future proposal on IT sector. k huncha herum bistarai aba
Nirab Pudasaini said…
but i beliove that we are already suffering from brain drain ....... all the richer youths are moving out to aus , uk and us and all the porrer are moving out to the arabs and the middle class to singapoer and other places ..... now we may have the willingness but there will be lack of skilled manpower .

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