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Kingston DataTraveler Reader

Mar 23, 2007 2 comments
Much of the pendrives and mp3 players circulated in Kathmandu, they are flashed based. More or less, they are chinese and third class quality. There are few branded names like Kingston.

Kingston's new flash memory based portable(pen) USB drive is different than others because it not only has 4GB alone of flash storage but also an onboard SD/MMC expansion slot which can read almost all memory card formats like SD,SDHC,miniSD,microSD,MMC,MMCplus,RS-MMC(my N70 eats this),MMCmobile and MMCmicro card. Now, i assume, with this option of upgradeability, i don't need to switch for other option for more storage. i think it's future proof. Moreover, it's both Mac and PC complaint. Well, it'd be of course PC complaint. :) After all, there are 90% PC user around the world.

I came to know that when this drive is plugged in, two drives are shown in computer as I: and J:(let's say). One for accessing it's own Flash memory and another for expansion slot. Very friendly, umm

This Kingston DataTraveler Reader will be available in Kathmandu within 2 months. Very few dealers might have this but it'll be available readily by then. I would consider it as a tiny portable harddisk rather than pen drive if i own one..


Nirab Pudasaini said…
Do you have any information on the price that this flish drive will cost after it is launched?????????
Navin said…
price is not yet confirmed for nepalese market.. .. bro

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