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Microsoft Office 2007 localized in Hindi

Mar 28, 2007 0 comments
There is a recent announcement of Microsoft on the release of their Microsoft office 2007 hindi version. In the context of Nepal, Microsoft has released a patch to give Windows XP above SP2,a Nepalese language enabled environment. This was on the project based on localization of Microsoft product in past.

Now, in India too, Microsoft said, it is the commitment they made under 'Project Bhasha' in 2003 to promote local indian language. Now, the fully localized Hindi version of Microsoft office 2007 will be equally valueable for Nepalese users too. This is my own judgement because, the lipi that we use and indian use, they fall under same one category, i.e devnagari. So, i think it won't make much difference on usage since we can use that for our own use too.

Besides, Microsoft is preparing to release thirteen indian Language interface packs(LIPS) later this year,they are Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Punjabi, Bengali, Malayam, Kannada,Konkani,Telugu,Urdu,Assamese and Oriya. They are releasing pack for nepali speaker and reader at the same time, since so many Nepalese people reside in the country too.

Indians are hopeful as everyone when a certain localized project is completed. It's like reaching native language speakers, cutting digital divide, increasing user base, blah blah blah..


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