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Optimus Keyboard

Mar 19, 2007 0 comments
I have never seen or read about a computer keyboard before whose individual key can display individual graphics/letters/image as per user's requirement?? It's like every key acts as a display unit rather than conventional letters printed on plastic keyboard. This keyboard is unique in a sense, it can display letters on keyboard in different language as per user's need.

Lets assume, someone is playing QUAKE and he can't remember all the keys assigned in games, well, this keyboard can display all ammos,weapons in graphical forms on the display LED of keys. With that said, it has multipurpose and it can change it's colour according to the working environment or as per the application being used. This keyboard is named as "Optimus Keyboard" and it's priced at $1500 which is to release this coming November,2007. Now, comparing Rs 500 keyboard to this $1500 keyboard, it's way too much for normal user like us. But looking at the features it support, it's very futuristic.

In Quake mode

In Photoshop mode


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