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Sony Ericsson hires Hritik Roshan as an Ambassador

Mar 31, 2007 0 comments
Hritik Roshan, this name is very popular name in bollywood and abroad. I'm seeing his Karizma bike Ad even these days. Now, the days are not so far, when we are seeing him for another exciting AD which Includes Sony Ericsson products. Yeap, he'll be endorcing Sony Ericsson's products including those coolest of coolests handsets.
As we know, whoever becomes the brand ambassador of the company, he/she gets all the new products launched for free in addition to the remuneration. Whao. Now, Roshan will be updated with latest SE handsets and gadgets.

As quoted from a news source:
"Speaking on the occasion, Sudhin Mathur, General Manager, Sony Ericsson India, said that India is a very exciting market for the company and Bollywood is one of the most effective routes to reach the Indian audience as it offers instant entertainment, instant identification, instant star power and it strongly influences popular culture. So, Hrithik was an obvious choice for them, as he is the perfect synonym for the Sony Ericsson brand values of performance, lifestyle and entertainment. "


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