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TechToon 'TechDai' (टेक-दाई)

Mar 2, 2007 0 comments

As i've spent my schoolhood along with my drawing skill, i think it's time to bring some meaningful sketches right over here. I was mostly notified for my humorous art skill. All of them were satirical. My school books and copies were filled with those cartoons. Many of my nearest colleagues laughed at it.
Ever since , i got computer , i totally stopped sketching and drawing. I don't know why. Now, i want to revamp my skill and will certainly try to update this blog's database with my most contemporary cartoons. That will definitely harness my forgotten skill. I think i'm doing good. :)))))

Well, the main character i've created for my Toon section of blogging is 'TechDai' (टेक-दाइ).

He does look like this:-

To tell about him. He is techy,eccentric and unsocial human being who loves to do things with computer and technology. Since, he lives in this very society, he somewhat relates to his surroundings too.


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