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What happened to Michael Jackson?

Mar 15, 2007 0 comments
Let's analyse a visual physical change in Michael Jackson's appearance which is very shocking.

1971 - World at his feet
An adorable 13 year old cherub-faced Michael gazes at the camera. He is about to embark on an incredible career and an incredible life.

1975 - Jacko's spotty teens
Now 17, Michael is in the grip of adolescence. He told Martin Bashir he suffered terribly with pimples and that his father bullied him about his nose.

1981 - Changing faces
On the set of his video for Billie Jean, Michael's nose begins to look thinner than in previous photographs. His skin also starts to lighten.

1984 - Surgery jibes
The first rumours begin to surface that Michael has had surgery; on his face. The skin is paler, his nose thinner and the lips are more pink in colour.

1993- Black and white
Now aged 35, Michael's nose looks more pinched and upturned than ever before. The skin now looks almost completely caucasian.

2003 - A changed Man
Now 44, every aspect of Michael's face is remarkably different in shape and colour from the cute youngster with whom the world fell in love.



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