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YouTube banned

Mar 8, 2007 1 comments
Turkish government has banned the YouTube viewing within it's boundary. The reason for ban?? well, the prosecutors told the court that clips insulting Turkish leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk had appeared on the site. To them, Ataturk is the founding father of modern Turkey and his insulting is an offence to their country's pride which can result in a prison cell.

Now, clips were removed after complaints received but still,(के भन्ने अब?)Turkish banned the YouTube in the eyes of Turkish people. If someone visits the YouTube from that country, a message is shown with english and turkish reading, something like this,
"Access to site has been suspended in accordance with decision no: 2007/384 dated 06.03.2007 of Istanbul First Criminal Peace Court".

Yet another reason of such insulting video posting is because there has been a "virtual war" between Greek and Turkish users of the site.
I remember when all major ISPs of our country were forced to ban the viewing of Maoist sites during the autocratic regime of king. Now, that's passe.

But still sometimes i feel it's not too good for government's involvement in manipulating cyber worlds content. Millions of people visit sites like YouTube. Censoring contents will make the scandals even more popular and make it more 'searched items' on net.

No matter, what ISP's had blocked in past, i somehow learnt how to bypass that censor and viewed it anyhow. I think it's governments immaturity doing things like that. Now, if we see things in China, scenario is even more fearsome there than here. Chinese government are banning every sites that are somehow offensive, unhealthy to it's population. Now, it's too much of restriction or caring. dunno..


Anonymous said…
Poor turkish people. But hey there are hundreds of other video sharing sites like dailymotion, metacafe, google video, iFilm and so on..

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