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Alternative Rescue Browser

Apr 22, 2007 0 comments
Yesterday, all my browsers crashed for unexplained reasons. I tried no matter how hard but couldn't revive those browsers. My unwillingness to reboot the comp(i type/say 'comp' for computer)just to see the browser start working again, led me to something else.

I used to type "" in windows explorer's address bar when all my browsers crashed. But, yesterday, even Windows explorer refused to load. As soon as i started Windows Explorer, it crashed.

Now, what i did is ,i opened Notepad(start->run->notepad or WinKey+R ).
-Clicked F1 key
-and clicked at the top left corner icon(Document icon with a Question mark) of the help window,
-there selected 'Jump to Url'(if it's Windows XP with no SP, it could be 'Go to URL' or something like that)
-and typed my web address starting with http://...

now, a page loaded within that help window. It saved lots of time for me.

It comes handy when all browsers crash and nothing works. The only permanent solution is reboot but we know how hectic it is to wait for that much time(when we're in a hurry/or may be loadshedding) just to check few important mails on net.


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