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April Fool effects around the globe

Apr 2, 2007 0 comments
Well, It was April 1st Yesterday, if i'm not wrong, many people are aware of this date, still some might have forgotten that particular date due to busy schedule or due to any other reasons. They might have become a victim.
In tech world, company like Google didn't miss a chance to play the same game, in fact the whole world was playing at the same time.

"Google announced new services:
Gmail Paper , a free paper archiving service for any and all Gmail messages. Google confesses it is indeed an April Fools' joke on the Gmail Paper Program Policies page.
Google TiSP (beta), free in-home wireless broadband "via fiber-optic cable strung through your local municipal sewage lines."
Google Calendar's Google GooDay (or G'Day in Australia) provides an extra day between Saturday and Sunday so users can catch up on fun for all GCalendar users. " released a fake review about the 'top secret' Apple TiVo.

deviantART released a news article stating that the Help Desk was going to become a pay-only feature; however, letters were bolded which spelled out "April fools" and some punctuation, when clicked, linked to an image announcing the joke.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation sent out its newsletter with articles on the following:
Hollywood Stars Present World's Brightest Shiniest Object to Key Senate Committee
RIAA to Parents: Pay When They're Toddlers and Save the Bother Later
American Travelers' "Risk Assessment" Score to Be Based on Google PageRank
NSA to Open Virtual "Black Box" Office in Second Life
GoDaddy Admits Error: We Accidentally Protected One of Our Customers
YouTube Sues Viacom for Profiting Off Jokes at Its Expense

Uncyclopedia replaced their normal front page with a truthful front page similar to Wikipedia's, linking to semi-related articles. It also claims Wikipedia is a parody of the site, where "vandalism is considered positive".

Yahoo! Tech highlighted a number of not so shiny and new gadgets such as the DynTak Motorola brick cell phone, betamax players, black and white TVs, etc.

StepMania drops support for Windows and Linux Operating Systems due to numerous developers switching to Macintosh computers.

all the italicized contents are extracts from the wikipedia assimilation on April 1, 2007,click to know more what happened at fools day around the world,_2007

Well, i did try to play prank with that "circular" but seems nobody really cared. ho ho ho ho


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