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Buying Pills online?? THINK ONCE MORE

Apr 3, 2007 0 comments
If anyone is preparing to buy some health improving pills online, then STOP!!! think one more time if it's correct way to get a deal online or think if it's safer to have health pills off the net without consulting health advisor or doctor for once or without making enough research on the company who is selling health products online. We are flooded with fake sites for improving our manlihood, equally, women's mailbox filled with similar kind of some sort of health enhancing gel or pills advertisement. Some may fall victim on it and may purchase online those pills.

Now, there is a news, death of Quadra Island resident Marcia Bergeron(57 years old) who died of poisoning after consuming those pills purchased through online source. She took it as anti-anxiety medication and as sedative but it turns out to be the garbage of the most harmful chemicals like uranium, arsenic, barium, boron, selenium, aluminum and more. I was shocked when such fake sites are playing with peoples life this way. Those sites tends to popup like mushroom, ad-flood our mailbox and some poor gets victimized. Later those sites get vanished, to escape the authorities' check.

I've source of this news. Anyone interested can check here more and in details.


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