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For someone, Technology is a CURSE !!!

Apr 3, 2007 0 comments
Nevermind, if the technology brings boon but what if it brings curse. With the modernization of today's civilization, it's not hard to imagine getting foods cooked in microwave,send/receive emails,chatting on mobile phone,and so. But, for people like Debbie,39 years old who is so sensitive to the electromagnetic field(emf) which is generated by computers,microwave ovens or anyother electronic gadgets which releases certain amount of radio frequecy or emf, that causes a painful rash,her eyelids swell when she approaches those electronic devices. Now, i call this really something, a technology is bringing curse to her. To avoid such painful reaction, with her husband Tony, she sleeps in a separate silver-plated mosquito net. Obviously a emf proof bed for someone hyper-sensitive like her.

One can read Debbie's case more on here.


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