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Gmail - "Infinity Plus one"

Apr 4, 2007 8 comments
As soon as Yahoo announced to make it's email storage unlimited, soon after that, Google announced Gmail service will have their storage size increased to "infinity plus one".

Now, what is 'infinity plus one'? it could have been either 'infinity' or 'infinity plus' or so. but the reason behind this 'infinity plus one' idea goes to Greg Tomkins's kid. He is an engineer at Google. He described "I was out in the yard when my kids ran up to me yelling at each other. My son said to my daughter, 'I hate you to infinity.' She replied, 'I hate you to infinity plus one.' And right then I knew I had the solution to competing with unlimited storage," said Tomkins.

That's an interesting story according to him, how Google got his idea. 'infinity plus one', interesting!!!


Anonymous said…
Gmail pwned yahoomail ;)
Nirab Pudasaini said…
and whose gonna benifit from this gmail , yahoo war ......... we :)
Navin said…
of course :), that's us
Anonymous said…
Are we really benefitting?? Or is google?? We don't receive the millions/billions of dollars google generate through their ads on gmail you know ;)
Navin said…
Ashish bro, is getting paycheck of at least $2500 per month from google. Look at their Google AD just in the middle of their main page. Google is letting people earn money too. I've read a blog where a blogger earn $100 at very very minimum per day. If we see things like this around, then sure enough, we'll pay homage to it. If you search on google with "problogger", then that guy is earning $1000 per day, now, these are very few cases, i've heard and to my knowledge so far. Imagine, if google is earning zillions, it is distributing billions too. it's Give and take world. Whereas, that's where google has come up at number one status than the rest. I think it doesn't bother me personally if google is benefiting. Moreoever, google is letting us have newest of newest technology to feel at no cost. There may be exception though.
Anonymous said…
Yeah I heard too bro. Nepali sites like nepalnews and cybersansar make $100 daily. Wow that is so awesome. I've never even reached their minimum payout till today. :S. How much do you make brro?
Navin said…
:) i've to wait still few more months..:)
Nirab Pudasaini said…
well i click on those few times every now and then but i heard that gogle has a bad banning policies and somtimes the sites gets banned for semmingly no reasons.

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