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"How to be a best Employee" circular

Apr 1, 2007 0 comments
Recently, a circular has been sent to all Nepalese NGO's, INGO'S offices. This particular circular titled "How to be a best employee" has been approved all over the world. Shockingly, it came to know that Office Seniors or Executives are left unaware of this mysterious circular being propagated branch to branch,section to section. While i was 'google'-ing a search on this particular matter, i found that this method of being best Worker in a Company has been approved and most successful in most developed nations like Canada,Switzerland.
Now, one of my friend in NGO today handed over me this very secret circular content to me by email. I think i really needed to disclose it at your own peril. Don't need to be fooled, because this looks no way like a circular but someone really messed up the content and presented it in graphical way.

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