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iAXE USB Guitar

Apr 19, 2007 3 comments

After getting to know about USB fan,USB Light(torch),USB monitor, now it's time for USB electric guitar, 'iAXE USB Guitar' . For just around Rs 7100(without tax), a full-fledged electric guitar can rock on. Unlike any other electric guitar,iAXE USB Guitar has a USB port on other end with full compatibility to Windows XP and MAC OS X as well. This full size Electric guitar with USB port, needs no external amps, directly plugs into computer and can function as a traditional electric guitar if connected to a standard guitar amp. The guitar needs the bundled software to work in full pace. Audacity software which allows multitrack recording and Guitar Combos software simulates various amps/effects with equal ability to play mp3,wav,aiff and ogg for backing tracks.

USB port on Guitar

Now, this is i call innovation. I really liked this USB electric guitar. Somewhere in my previous posts, i had a topic something like "HAIL USB.. " and same goes again.


Nirab Pudasaini said…
wow this is a real cool guitar. any information on where to buy this guitar in ktm????????
Navin said…
Nope bro, may be Guitarists ar not aware of this type of gadget either. It's new invention and i think to get it, we've to import it :) $99.99 without Shipping Cost and taxes
Nirab Pudasaini said…
eh jharko raichaa tesyo bhaye ta ....................

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