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Nepal Telecom distributes Prepaid Simcard

Apr 6, 2007 11 comments
For couple of days, i've been quite busy with my own works. Today,i had to go to Tripureshowr for conducting some of my own personal thing. From Boudha to Tripureshowr, it's around 15 minutes bike-ride early in the morning since there would not be enough Traffic at that time else it's like 1 hour bike-ride as always.

I was astonished to see huge crowds around the Chabahil's Nepal Telecom premises. The crowd was so huge that i couldn't use that path to reach Tripureshowr. But, before that, i made sure, it's the crowd lined up for getting NT's Prepaid SIM card. ha h ah ah aha.. i was quite amused to see them standing and dying for NT's SIM card for hours. I don't know what the heck were they thinking. Even if some foreiners would see scenes like that, they'd definitely make gossips in their town for later. That's for sure. After all, it's Nepal. People are just like sheeps, if one see another stands or queueing up , he/she also gets in the line, and so the line goes on and on. I see no reason for them to stand that way who is talking on cell phone, satirically, i've felt much guilt on them for creating scene like that. Why would he/she need another SIM card if he/she has already one? But these days, there is very strange trend going on, some would even keep two or three cell phones with them. May be this is the reason for this overwhelming queue to get prepaid simcards.

Another reason stroke my head, may be it's because, Nepal Telecom is government-based and people have much faith on it than any other foreign investment. People don't readily trust foreign companies operating local business. I think that's the case else, SIMCARDS from other companies are still readily and easily available.

While returning back to home, i saw even more arrays of people lining up. May be it's their destiny to get their Cell Sim cards that way. Mine was easy. I sold NT's postpaid SIM and got it's competitor's simcard. Pretty feasible for me. I still suggest people,to think themselve, use their own judgement and choose the better. It's better to do use sense rather than standing like a heap of fools in road sideways.


Nirab Pudasaini said…
I wouldnt like to go into spice vs NT debate out here but i personally think that NT's pre paid is a lil better .

I was amazed to see the queue. The crowds for the chabhil counter was up to kalopul . I heard that NT was distributing 60000 but now they are distributing 80000 .

Well the only question i have right now is that what about the already so bad network after so many cards being added . People are dying over this shit . Katti thaum ma ta jhadap ni bhayechaa .NT lai nikaley ni sukha chinna nanikaley ni sukha chinna .

Indeed we nepali are like lambs euta ley jey laidyo tehi pachadi sab jana dagudini .
Navin said…
Yeah, that's true, I came to know NT's prepaid sim cards are most affordable and their roaming charges,calling charges are nominal as compared to Spice Nepal's SimCard. Though at first, Spice Nepal distributed their Prepaid simcard for as low as Rs 500 , in fact, in a long run, they are charging us a lot from the calls we make. So, considering this fact, People got themselves in queue. I even heard that some people were with their blankets from the evening or midnight if it's to distribute the very next day. I mean it's somewhat shocking why people are so crazy towards this NT's simcard but i sometimes reluctantly accept that people wants communication at cheapest paid price. Hope company like Spice Nepal understands it. But fighting/throwing stones at buildings, that's wild and totally an unsocial behaviour.
Nirab Pudasaini said…
well i heard they are planning to distribute 2 lhaks sim card till the month of ashar and god knows what will happen to the network after that .
Anonymous said…
Network khattam huncha abo NTC ko. Tyo din ma mero mom le ta sim payecha. She only had to stand in line for 30 minutes. Maile ta ekjana manche bhete jo 7:30 ma gayera ni sim payena. Bechara. manche haru ta tehi door sanchar ko office bahira sutna auney haru ni thyo reh. Baba. Bidesh ma concert tickets liney and wwe ko wrestlemani ko ticket liney ma testo huncha yahat a sim card ko lagi. Mero Mobile company ta kya jealous bhayo hola hai.
Navin said…
ha ha ha ha ha yeah.. that's true
Navin said…
today, i read a cartoon on one local paper" it's ZHOOR SANCHAR" for telecom.. nice name to give for them.. 'Dur Sanchar' should be 'zhoor sanchar' :)
Nirab Pudasaini said…
Teti saro jhur ni chinna ..... mailey due barsa jati bhayo use gareko ..... khassai teti naramro chain lageko chinna ......... aba chail philey ko bhanda alik jhur hunchaa .........
Navin said…
my brother has NT's prepaid and at the evening, i guess, due to congestion, it's very hard to hear his voice, in return, i hear somekind of flanged robotic(somewhat mechanical) type sounds.. is it happening to me only?? i don't know what others are experiencing..
Anonymous said…
testai ho NT to mero or mero to NT garda khiley ni ramro aundina , jhan NT to mero garda jhan badi tension hunchaa . ask your bhai hai , us ley timi bhanda badi dhukha pako hola . tara esko reson chain tha chinna malai hai
Anonymous said…
To call from Spice to NTC, the rate is high. And in this point, it is weak and it's because spice totally based on NTC network when calling to NTC. I also heard in somewhere that due to government plots(thinking NTC only), spice isn't being able to increase it's market in good condition. If government policies are really do such disgusting things then how do one can stand up ?
Navin said…
When Spice came for the first time, NTC didn't easily allow InterConnection. It took a while and there may be the reason behind SPICE being costly to make call to NTC. I see again, it's NTC policy but, when I was there, I loved Spice and still advocate for it.
And yeah, Govn in Nepal never wanted competition but since it's the information age, nobody could stop the trend. Govn did try to create trouble for new comer. but it's fine.. I worry how's situation now there :)

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