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Patch Tuesday Vs Exploit Wednesday

Apr 16, 2007 0 comments
Latest microsoft patches can be downloaded off

They've the latest emergency patch for .ani animated cursor files under Windows Vista. Besides,Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool also takes care while tackling such threats. It's a small-sized independent tool to remove the most recent and hiking threats under any operating system running Microsoft windows. Couple of time, i've used it on Windows XP but couldn't detect the threat. May be, my system was not infected. But, to keep this tool handy is a wise work and regularly updating the Microsoft system with hotfixes is must. Because, as we know, Microsoft is number One in the business and most of the crackers/black-hat hackers/exploiters target it most than any other operating system. More they infiltrate, more stronger the Microsoft's security.

Microsoft has a very strange trend of releasing the software/OS patches on a particular date. It's called "Patch Tuesday". Every Tuesday of second week of a month, they release patches/hotfixes/updates for most of the affected issues of their entire software department. It's 16th of april today, so, lots of updates are there by default. Satirically, as soon as the 'Patch Tuesday' is released, exploiters are always on the hunt to exploit the next vulnerability. It's called 'Exploit Wednesday'. Seems ridiculous but it's truth.

For a bandwidth sufferers like me, it's hard to imagine download 100's of MBs of hotfixes and patches to safe proof my system. What i do is, i normally, check the IT magazines which gives extra CD/DVD with complementary shareware software/utility/hotfix,AV updates etc. So, this is another way to update one's system. I can't give with the IT magazines name right now because, i'd be endorsing indirectly their market but all magazines follow the same trends. Hope that brings some luck to innocent users who are more vulnerable to these kinds of online threats.


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