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Photo to ColorSketch v2.7

Apr 8, 2007 0 comments

Photo to ColorSketch is one simple program to turn all of jpgs and bmps images to sketch. Well, it seems like this program is made in hurry as there is not much advanced features like batch processing, not enough modes to process images to sketch modes.. Well, using filters in Adobe Photoshop one can achieve same output but since it requires more memory and one has to be proficient in the application, this little application comes to resque. Since, it's only purpose is to turn photographs to Sketch image.

So, giving artistic look to protographs in different modes like color sketch,pen-and-ink,black/white sketch,realism,pop art,abstract and water color is as easy as one-two-three clicks. Seeing last output, it's quite easy to tell others that it's hand-drawn.

Well, for 20 minutes i played with it and couldn't achieve the desired output,but now i think i can get that photograph sketched exactly as it is hand-drawn after lots of practice. so,need lots of dirty-hand on this little application to master or reach perfection since it's very easy to use.

download here or here

"Team SnD"


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