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'Truth Serum'

Apr 20, 2007 2 comments
Long time ago, i was confirmed that myth like 'Truth Serum' never worked. But, few days ago, in one movie i saw someone being injected a 'Truth Serum' and later, disclosing all the secrets within. It was like movies are projecting baseless hypes as truth and living up to the fiction only ...or what? So far, i learnt, 'Truth Serum' is nothing but an advanced form of sedative. In Nepal, we've our very own natural 'Truth Serum' called 'Jaad-rakshi'(जाँड-रक्सी).Once a subject intakes our very own 'Truth-serum'(जाँड-रक्सी),he starts telling all his hearts secrets even if nobody cares to ask. To see the real life experience, places like Pub/hotel/restaurants(bhatti) are enough. But the most important thing is how much truth is he spitting out. If a boozed person tells a truth, i guess more than 50 percent of it is overhyped. for eg: a middle class looking drunkard may end up saying he has 10 crore rupees in his bank acccount and could do anything with it. Do we believe him so easily? but if a suspect confessed somewhere that he killed someone or something like that, it certainly could be something a real secret that is coming out of the dungeons of his heart. My only point is Truth Serum never worked and it's nothing more than a sedative just in case with a drunk person. The reliability is fifty-fifty.

Alan Bellows wrote(all italicized):
Chemically,scopolamine, sodium amytal, and Sodium Pentothal are the base element of so-called 'Truth Serum'.Scopolamine was tested in the 1950s as a truth serum in project MKULTRA, and is now infamous as a date-rape drug due to its tendency to cause retrograde amnesia (the inability to recall events prior to its administration). Sodium Pentothal is a drug which is commonly used in operating rooms as general anesthesia, though in recent years it has been largely replaced by better alternatives.

Another of the most common truth serums is ethyl alcohol, the same agent that is found in alcoholic beverages. As a truth serum, it is usually injected in a nearly pure form, but its effects are indistinguishable from those caused by consuming large amounts of alcohol orally. If you've ever been intoxicated, then you are personally familiar with the effects that truth serum has on the mind and body.

Wikipedia writes " A truth drug (or truth serum) is a drug used for the purposes of obtaining accurate information from an unwilling subject, most often by a police, intelligence, or military organization on a prisoner. Effective truth drugs are mostly fictional, though some drugs have been shown to be effective in lowering the resistance (but sometimes also reliability) of an interrogated person. "


A said…
It'd be nice if you had also written the name of that movie.
Navin said…
sorry to let you nkow that but i watched in Star Movies couple of days back. It starred 'Steven Siegal' and some other unknown actors for me and was watching from the middle. The only thing that bothered me was that Truth Serum thing. Else the movie was full of action and i enjoyed it pretty much.

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