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Uploader got fearsome punishment

Apr 20, 2007 0 comments
Lately, i read a news about sharing illegal movies,mp3,application and it's consequences. Buying pirated movies/softwares in jewelcase and downloading them off the net, they are same thing for them who are launching projects against these illegal piracy acts. To their words, evenmore it's same thing like stealing others property in reallife and the convicted will be charged with the same punishment.

Last year, 23 years old Grand Stanley from US,Virginia who was sentenced to five months in jail and three years of supervised release,just for running the Elite Torrents. He was an administrator of it and let thousands of leechers/seeders do their sharings. Mark the word 'Administrator', he's the main boss there.
Now the recent news when i read, it's even more fearsome. 24 years old Sam Kuonen of Columbus,Ga. who faces upto five years in prison, a fine of massive $250,000 and three years of supervised release.His punishment will begin this July 16,2007. His crime is he uploaded the copyrighted materials like first copy of movies, softwares,songs etc. which later got shared by thousands of thousands downloaders(P2P sharers). So, he got punished for sharing copyrighted things online and of course, being just an 'uploader'. He even wasn't an administrator. It's just like you and me, a simple uploader.

BitTorrent is the legitimate concept to share large files across the networks and it's useful with broadband connection. Sharing huge free linux distribution and similar open-source files is what it started with and now, it's ending up with being the junction of huge mass sharing almost all possible illegal things and copyrighted materials.

News like this will definitely discourage the act to some extent but not all.


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