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XBOX 360 in Kathmandu, NEPAL??

Apr 4, 2007 1 comments
No doubt, after facing huge failure of XBOX, Microsoft brought XBOX 360. Now, everyone is admiring about it's LIVE feature which would let one play online with many other players simulataneously. In Nepal, there is no chance of such multiplayer gaming for XBOX 360 because we've no server setup here to play that way. So, except for few visual enhancements,better texture quality and best graphics in XBOX 360 games, it has no other 'LIVE' benefits to us.

Recently, my brother got mod-ed XBOX 360 for Rs 27,000 without Harddisk, one wireless controller,64 MB memory card,manual and a carrying bag. When i saw promo of XBOX 360 in TV, it looked slim and small but when it came to my hand, it's quite bigger than PS2. The graphics is much detailed,game looked so real still not life-like. I'm not sure when life-like gaming would be possible. So, all those image quality were pretty impressive than PS2's. The interface is pretty impressive on TV screen. Much more intelligent than PS2s. One thing i did't like is the battery on wireless controller. It has to be charged everynight after whole day game play. By the way, there is wired controller which is available for Rs 3200 for the time being and way uncool to play with.:)
Currently, there is no authorized seller of XBOX 360 in KTM but with some source, my brother was able to find it on Bishal Bazar Top floor. If anyone has imported XBOX 360, they can take 9841504854 as a help for modification. These guys do their business of Modding XBOX 360. After all, all games should play on that box. So, we need to mod that original XBOX 360. Game Titles are available for net Rs 300. Needless to say, all those XBOX 360 modified are illegal for microsoft and so all the titles availables are pirated.

Microsoft Bans Modders and Flashers From Xbox Live
and this link shows discussion on XBOX on my old blog


Anonymous said…
i guess the shop number must be 302 or 402....

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