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Chat from within Hotmail !!!!

May 9, 2007 4 comments
From Gmail, (even without GoogleTalk), i can Chat with other Users using the integrated messenger feature.Though Hotmail claims,this feature is available for HOTMAIL users as well, i didn't find it anywhere.

According to Wikipedia"
As of June 2006, Hotmail users can now send instant messages from within Hotmail using the integrated Web Messenger function, without having to be signed in to Windows Live Messenger or have the program installed at all.

At the Hotmail main screen, users can access integrated MSN services such as Calendar and Contacts (the latter being shared with Windows Live Messenger)......

check this link under Miscellaneous Section

I wonder if it's there.


Binay said…
Well, there is but I'm not sure if it's integrated in the old version or the NEW (although crappy) version of Hotmail.
Nirab Pudasaini said…
Maybe windows live mail has the function ......... but not sure though
Anonymous said…
hamlai hotmail kholyo ki afai messenger kholcha k ta. ani inbox ma mail bhayeko manche haru online cha bhane online bhanera ni dekhaucha ni. tehi holan i chat from withing hotmail bhaneko.

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