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CNET Vista Upgrade Advisor

May 8, 2007 2 comments
"CNET Vista Upgrade Advisor" lets anyone find online if his/her computer is compatible for Vista Upgrade or not.

Upon visiting CNET 'Vista Upgrade Advisor' link, i'm presented with the note that they'll not steal any of my information. They would check or get my system informations with the help of ActiveX or Plug-in called 'System Requirements Lab' from Husdawg,LLC. which i've to (accept)give them permission to install on my PC when asked.

From their site:
"Before CNET and System Requirements Lab can analyze this computer you need to give your permission to download an ActiveX or Java Plug-in component called System Requirements Lab or SRLApplet from Husdawg, LLC. For more information about this component, see below. You may need to disable any Pop-up blocker you are using in order to use this service."

Well, my PC is suitable for Windows Vista. THanks to me. And i got screens like this.

Click screens for larger view

After getting things done, lets uninstall their ActiveX component since i don't want to compromise my comps' security.

Click Start->run-> type 'appwiz.cpl'

On next screen, select 'System Requirements Lab' and remove it.

Best of luck for Vista Owners, who already are using it. Thanks for reading till here.


Anonymous said…
Hey Navin!
I've put a Friends Lock on my Xanga, so accept my friend request hai, then you can go to my Blogs! Sorry la, just don't want everyone reading my entries!

Hope everything's well with you.
Navin said…
eh he.. okie.. i've already accepted it. and already started posting things too.

sorry for not leaving comments on your box.. sorry lady

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