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E-Cigarette helps quit Smoking

May 11, 2007 3 comments
Scientists already proved that nicotine is not the killer, it's the harmful gases that comes out along with the nicotine burning, that kills a smoker and bringing lung borne diseases as cancer,heart failure etc.

I personally don't know how addictive it is but with the way smoker wouldn't easily give up this habit, China has come up with an innovative yet not harmful technology, a gadget, a product called electronic Cigarette(battery operated) which mimics the real cigarette. It feels/looks like a cigarette, it even emits smoke and vapours, yet it's not bad for health but a way to help smoker quit their smoking habit. Price at NRs 14000($200) approx, i think it'll be an expensive deal for smokers.

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Anonymous said…
Aile tapailai hernu hai, maile jaaneko chu ni!
Mero blog ni ramro sangale read gardaina ho! I had already written 27th June samma bhanera! hehehehhe!

Anyways, I am a huge huge HUGE fan of Himesh Reshammiya, and his voice is amazing, and his Music too, mero laagi, but I can understand what you're saying as well!

Well, Kaile bolne ho thachaina, but Soon I hope!
Just got Exams starting from this week now!

Okay Talk later!
Nirab Pudasaini said…
e-cigarate ma kata bata himesh reshammiya ayo??????

prerane timro exams kati gate chaa ................ mero ta jeth 7 gate dekhi suru hunchaa ........ kehi padeko ni chuinna afu ley ta
Navin said…
speed, she is talking about her blog.. :)

i wrote their i don't like Himesh but i didn't know she was her fan. umm..

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