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Meet or Delete MTV India

May 29, 2007 2 comments
'Meet or Delete' is one nasty fun filled geeky TV program sponsored by HP, PC Giant. This program has it's own versions in different regions of the world. Since, i'm in Asia, i'm interested toward the MTV India's 'Meet or Delete' edition. I wrote this program as a nasty because, the participants dig into other members hard drive's content and based upon that, the judgement is made if it's good to make them their most buffed chum or not. Yeah, you read that right , 'Hard drive'. Since it's sponsored by HP, it's definitely related to Computer.

HP,in collaboration with MTV India, has ventured this program which is mainly geared towards the new generation or lets say youth with which they can make dates, make friends and so. If it's acceptable, they'll click "Meet" and if it's unacceptable, they'll click "Delete".

I've been seeing this shows last time and when i saw that 'Meet' button, i was grinning on their attempt to fool people around. I've seen 'Delete' key and hit it thousands time. But, 'Meet'??

The participants starts with chatting each other. They all gotta show their hard drives contents. It's just like 'what you eat is what you are' but here 'what you put is what you are'. Other person makes judgment about someone based upon his hard drives content. So, this is interesting, so contemporary since our generation is so wired and relations are flourishing through this online activity, this is definitely a watch for any online bug like me.

This program is aired at around 9:00 pm evening (NST) on Sunday(in MTV Channel). Repeats are on following days at the same time.


Anonymous said…
Woah. Kasto program hau. I'm not sure if I agree with it, but it sounds Fun!
I would watch it as well, but shame I don't have the asian MTV here!

By the way, I totally Love your comments on my page! hehehehe!
Navin said…
Thank you prena, that program is funky !!!

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